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Updated: Feb 11, 2020

For this week's post - we wanted to share some of the factors that are important to consider when choosing your maintenance provider, and why we believe we are bringing something different to the current maintenance industry.

When you have property maintenance work to complete - either commercial or residential - is important to figure out early:

A) What the project scope is

B) What is a realistic budget

C) What level of multi-trades are involved ?

This information is important, because you may have a figure in your head of what you think the work should cost, but in reality you may be well off the mark in what it realistically should cost. This can lead to choosing low quotes from contractors who A) Haven't priced the work correctly, and the job will come to a standstill once they realise this, and B) Are just looking to secure the work, then charge you in variations to make up the difference

The reason for C) being included, is that when there is a high level of multi-trades involved, that means someone is going to need to project manage the job, and this is a genuine cost that needs to be allowed for in the quote.

At Helsby C0nstruction, some of the ways we aim to eliminate the risks above, are noted below:

  • Charging for quotes - Over a certain value, we do charge for quotes. This ensures we are able to spend the right amount of time getting supplier/subtrade quotes, and ultimately get an accurate labour & materials costing for you upfront.

  • Structures & Systems - We have software & an app for the whole process, including job management/tracking, quoting/sales, QA. This is to set us up to the specific requirements we need to provide to our clients, namely full service project management of a maintenance job, from start to finish, and managing sub-trades is a huge part of this

  • Team - We have structured our team to allow a full-time operations manager to focus solely on job delivery, working along our site teams. We also have the main 4 trades (carpentry/painting/plumbing/electrical) inhouse, so for most jobs we can tackle without subcontracting work out.

We have identified a major niche since entering the market, for a maintenance company who can offer all the main maintenance services under one roof, as one team. Couple this with project management capabilities, and we believe this is a model that solves multiple pain points for our clients (chasing multiple trades, poor communication etc.). We are also heavily involved with the compliance and H&S aspects of the industry, and are constantly working to keep up to date with the changing regulations, as this can help protect a client when they don't even realise it !

In summary, when choosing a maintenance contractor the key factors to consider should be:

  • The initial responsiveness, and communication from the initial contact

  • Clear, detailed and prompt quotes

  • Capacity to manage various sub-trades if it is a multi-trade job (do they have a project manager & systems to show this ?)

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