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Rocking and Rolling with a Kitchen Renovation - What you need to know !

Kitchen renovations, along with bathrooms, have a reputation for being expensive – but don’t let concerns about budgets put you off upgrading this crucial room.

With intelligent design and strategic decisions, building a kitchen that ticks both boxes of form and function doesn’t have to stretch the budget beyond its limits!

Read on below to find plenty of ways to deliver a stunning kitchen renovation on budget, here’s a few of our tricks!

Prioritize your spending

The first rule in keeping a kitchen renovation within a realistic budget means deciding on what your essential items are going to be in your new kitchen (benchtop, appliances etc.) and then trying to pull back costs in other areas.

While some standard kitchen items are unavoidably expensive, like flooring and backsplashes, other purchases – like sinks, cabinetry, and lighting – offer more room for savings.


Kitchen benchtops are clearly one of the centerpieces of any new kitchen, but that doesn’t mean you need to select high-end products to create a standout look.

While granite or marble is fantastic, and for good reason, there are plenty of other cheaper materials that make perfectly functional and stylish benchtops. Go industrial with stainless steel, achieve an earthy feel with concrete, or go with one of the many affordable engineered stone tops available in the market these days.

Appliances – to move or not?

Changing the existing layout, which means moving appliances such as benchtops/dishwashers/fridges will add a hefty fee to your kitchen renovation. This is due to running new gas and electrical feeds to a different location to where they are currently – and this can mean having to cut into the concrete if you’re on a slab floor which adds significant costs.

Where possible keeping your new appliances in the same place would be more cost effective, and your kitchen designer will have some great ideas on how you can utilize the space to its full potential.

Think outside the box

While hardwood floors, hidden range hoods and bespoke back splashes are striking, there

There are plenty of smaller, creative ways to add character to your kitchen without the hit to your wallet. Look for quirky, colourful stools on sale, make homemade leather cabinet handles or find vintage lighting fixtures at second-hand shops.

You can also find materials with slight imperfections at hugely discounted prices, this can work with benchtops and especially splash backs, as you can generally cut out the imperfections so they will never be seen.

Get involved

The more involved you become, the more space you’ll find for savings. If you do some of the legwork by selecting your own lighting, cabinetry and flooring, your builder can get to work instead of spending hours shopping and searching on your behalf.

As always, if you are interested in getting work started and you are looking for some expert advice and the best way forward, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team on 09-218-5255, or We can also provide the design and building consent services as well!

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