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Planning your new Kitchen

Renovating your kitchen is a “big deal”, with some experts suggesting that this one room accounts for 10 percent of your home’s value. A new kitchen can completely transform the interior of your house, but before diving in headfirst, think about what you want and need to make the most of this space so that it transforms your house in all the right ways.

Have a read on to see what we believe you should focus on when planning the kitchen renovation of your dreams!

Your individual wants & needs

The most important question, is what do you want out of your kitchen? Is it a place for large family gatherings or a room where simple order and efficiency is the most desired function? Consider your family size and the kitchen’s use over the course of an average day – will an island bench with stools, a cozy kitchen nook or a double oven suit you best?

By beginning with focusing on what you’re asking your kitchen to do, you’ll have a good idea of how to approach renovating the space.

On trend or classic styling?

The kitchen is one of, if not the most expensive room to renovate in a house, so it’s likely that you won’t be re-doing this room for a number of years (if ever).

There are lots of amazing and beautiful kitchen trends out there, but it’s all about balancing timeless kitchen elements with what’s currently “in”.

Before you get set one a particular style, ask yourself: will this still be fashionable in five, ten, fifteen years? Obviously none of us are able to predict what the next trend might be, but we can use experience to know that simplistic tiling choices and more tonal colours are likely to stand the test of time better than bright paints and bold patterns.


Along with a timeless look, it’s worth future-proofing the functionality of your kitchen too. Today, you might have a busy house full of kids, but do you plan to stay in this house when you are retired empty-nesters?

If you renovate a kitchen so that it is easy to use, it’ll help you stay in your home longer down the track and also allows the next family to come in and use it “as is”. This will mean future buyers are likely to be happier to pay a little extra to know that the kitchen will suit their long term needs too.


Unsurprisingly, the extent of your kitchen renovation depends on your budget. It will determine things like kitchen cabinetry and benchtop, which appliances you can buy and which lighting you can hang.

It’s definitely possible and achievable to create fantastic kitchens on a limited budget but knowing how much money you can spend is always necessary before making any big kitchen renovation decisions.

Where you may be limited in spend, it is then even more important that you identify your individual non-negotiable wants and needs (as mentioned above) to ensure that you get those items ticked off and then can make sacrifices elsewhere.

Kitchen Layouts

Plumbing and electricity will largely determine the layout of your kitchen while other elements like cabinetry and benchtops are easier to relocate. Renovation specialists can see the potential in a space that might look limited to the untrained eye, so it’s a great idea to tell us if you have a dream for your kitchen that seems impossible.

Into the details – Benchtops, Appliances and Cabinetry

Once style, layout and budget are all accounted for, it’s time to get into the nitty gritty of the kitchen. Choosing whether you want a benchtop that’s concrete or stone, shopping for new ovens and rangehoods, and choosing between timber or lacquered cabinetry is a fun and very visual part of the kitchen renovation process.

It is worthwhile spending a bit of time out and about in the shops or asking your renovation specialist to get you samples so you can compare all the different looks and settle on one that is best for you.

Bespoke Opportunities

Towards the end of your kitchen renovation plan, consider if there are any opportunities to really make the kitchen your own unique space. We love customized kitchen elements like bespoke backsplashes, personal artwork, and interesting tapware, but the opportunities are endless.

Ready to start a kitchen renovation in your home? Get in touch with us at Helsby Construction Group as we can provide a turnkey solution from concept right through to handover, and we’d love you help you achieve your dream project outcome!

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