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If you’re looking to gain some more space within your property, then it may pay to think about the potential to convert your garage. Whether it’s a new workspace, guest bedroom, or man-cave, the possibilities are only limited by your ideas.

Read on below for our thoughts on the important things to consider when contemplating a garage conversion


Stating the obvious but you can’t give up your garage unless you have your parking situation sorted. Widening your driveway, adding a carport or ensuring you have off road parking available might be sufficient to justify repurposing the garage.


Think through all the things you would like to get out of the new space and consider who will be using the area and how. Does the new room need to be multipurpose? Would it be best to maximize the available area and create more than one room or just to partition it? What need are you trying to meet by creating a new space?

Helpful Helsby Hint:

We can help with brainstorming ideas if you’re feeling a bit stuck on how best to utilize the space.


To make the garage into a comfortable living or working space there are a number of things that need to be considered, one of which is temperature control. As you modify the internal walls to accommodate services and insulation, you will be presented with options regarding heating and cooling to compliment what you are using in the rest of the home.

Helpful Helsby Hint:

If you are working with a standalone garage, make sure you add in insulation in the walls and ceiling, as it is unlikely that will be there already and it will help significantly with temperature control.


You might be able to keep your existing garage door if your new space is a studio or workshop but to make it a truly livable area it is worth considering getting rid of it all together. Incorporating windows will go a long way to making the former garage into a comfortable, airy room and some planning in regard to power points and lighting will result in optimal livability.

Helpful Helsby Hint:

If you are converting your stand-alone garage into another living space but are concerned about whether you may need the garage back at some point or whether a future buyer may prefer a garage, you can always leave the garage door there and just GIB over it on the inside. This allows you to have a fully enclosed area on the inside but if need be, you can remove the GIB and the garage door is still accessible.


Do you want to include a sink, toilet or small bathroom? We can discuss with you the plumbing works required to accommodate water supply and drainage so that you can weigh the benefits against the costs involved. You can start with obtaining quotes for want you really want and then cutting down the project down where necessary.

Building Regulations and Approval

This is where a professional builder is essential. Conversion of a pre-existing structure may still be subject to building restrictions. It is your builder’s job to take care of these before the project gets underway.

Sometimes before you seek to embark on a big renovation project, it is beneficial to look at the space you already have. If you find yourself using your garage as more of a dumping ground than for parking your car, then a garage conversion could be a great alternative to help give you and your family more space!

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