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Get your home in shape before winter hits!

Now that we’ve moved down into Level 2 and “normality” is somewhat returning to our daily lives, it is the perfect opportunity to spend some time going over your property, or rental properties, to identify any issues that should be attended to before the cold (and rainy) wintery months are upon us.

We have compiled a list of the 5 most important areas you should be taking extra care to check and remedy, if need be, and the importance behind doing so.

1. Make sure your heating system is ready

Depending on the type of heating system you have, there are a few DIY maintenance checks you can complete yourself before the temperatures really start to dip.

(1) If you have a high-efficiency system, check the PVC vent pipes and clear out any obstructions you may come across

(2) You should clean out all filters thoroughly; and

(3) You should be arranging your yearly service from the HVAC company who installed your system.

Completing these three simple steps will remove the hassle of your system shutting down mid-winter when you least want it to! Another benefit to servicing your heating system is it will cause the system to run a lot more efficiently, which will in turn help save you money each month on your power bills.

2. Clean out your gutters

If you haven't already, clear out your gutters of debris including sticks, pine cones and leaves so gutters will drain properly when the heavy rain hits – this is especially important if your property has any form’s of internal gutters etc. It is also important to direct downpipes away from your home's foundation to help prevent leaks and flooding, and to check tightness of pipe joins. Failure to do so could cause the overflow of water over the gutter and back into the house during heavy rains, and will put pressure on other weak spot (joins in pipe).

3. Check for Draughts/Air Leaks

A simple check you can complete yourself is to go around your house/ property and check for air leaks around windows and doors. These draughts can occur around cracks in caulking or weather-stripping as well and when left unattended can result in cold air and moisture coming in and your heating escaping. Having multiple doors/windows with air leaks, is similar to pricking holes in a balloon and then trying to inflate it with air, a large percentage of the heat from your heat pump, or naturally trapped heat will escape out through these gaps.

4. Inspect Insulation

Adequate insulation will help keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. If your insulation is inadequate, your heating system will have to work overtime this winter, costing you dearly. By adding some insulation to your roof space, walls and underfloor, you can save money on heating costs as your system becomes more efficient as well as having a cooler home when it heats up again.

5. Check the Roof

While it always best to get a professional in to check your roof thoroughly (and safely while working at heights), you can start the job off by visually inspecting the roof to notice any issues.

· Are there any loose or missing shingles/tiles that you can see?

· Any damage from falling objects?

· Any broken seals around the chimney or vents?

By identifying these early you can give yourself enough time to get it fixed before heavy winter rain cause leaks and internal water damage.

If you are after any help in ensuring your home is ready for the winter months, make sure you get in touch with the team and we can come over and provide a thorough inspection

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