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Creating a professional WFH space

If you’re one of the many office-based workers who have had their traditional work lives thrown into disarray over the past 6 months, then you will have quickly come to realise the importance of having a quiet, well set up office area at home to enable you to continue on working efficiently when you’re required to work from home.

While you may have made-do thus far, the good news is that there are many different ways to create a practical and effective work place at home to ensure you can work as productively as you would have in an office environment.

We’ve comprised a guide below of the key things to think about when creating a permanent WFH space, and some good uses of space to create the perfect set-up!

What do you need to consider?

The main reason to create a WFH area is to maximize your productivity and efficiency while you work from home, so the question that needs to be asked is what do you need from your new workspace to help you achieve this ?

1- Noise

i. Your area needs to be quiet to allow you to concentrate on your work without being distracted by the tv, or kitchen/bathroom noises

2- Connectivity

i. Your space also needs to be fit for purpose in terms of connectivity, much like a regular office.

ii. This means you have the right internet connections available, and also enough power-points to allow all your electronics to be connected and charging in a safe way, so you don’t have extension cords running around everywhere

3- Out of the way

i. Your space needs to be out of the way enough that you don’t have regular visitors coming in to distract you from zoom meetings etc.. Ideally you will want to steer clear of being near main thoroughfares in your home

ii. Partitioning systems may be an idea to keep in mind

4- Comfort:

i. Importantly, your new space needs to comfortable. Just as you would in an office it is important to have a chair with appropriate lumbar support that can be adjusted to be at the right height

ii. Your desk area needs to be large enough so that you have space to place your computer, additional monitors (if that applies), paper documents etc.

iii. Other things to think about to ensure you are comfortable day to day, are adequate heating and cooling solutions, along with ventilation.

WFH Permanent Workspace – Ideas for utilizing space

When creating your new permanent home office/workspace, there are some parts of the house that are more efficient and make more sense to convert.

1. Existing Garage:

Generally, this is the most efficient and best use of space, providing you are willing and able to spend a bit of money.

A lot of garages have the potential to utilize space at the back, or in the event that you park the car on the road or in a car port, then space may not be an issue at all.

Using your garage you can create a small office, with an adjoining bathroom as well, which not only offers you a great home office set up but will also increase the re-sell value of the house down the track.

2. Spare Bedroom:

If you have a spare bedroom, then your job is already half done.

Generally bedrooms are wired to be just that and you can either look to work in with the current configuration of electrical sockets etc. or if you’re looking to make a more bespoke space then once you have thought about the layout you would most prefer, then bringing in a contractor to help move the wiring around.

It is also a good idea to think about some form of soundproofing of the walls, if you are close to living rooms/kitchens etc.

3. Nook:

If you don’t have a full room that you can dedicate into a home office, you may find that there is an unused area of your house that you could turn into a small office nook.

Things to consider here are that you can fit an appropriately sized desk in and that there are options for storage to keep things from going all over the house. Wall storage options such as floating shelves and built in cabinets are good considerations here.

If you are looking at creating a new permanent WFH area at your house and are needing a starting point in terms of concept & advice, then feel free to get in touch with us – we’d love to help!

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