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Choosing a builder - how to get it right !!

Deciding on a builder for your project? Read on for some advice on things other than price to consider, to make sure you get a great project outcome.

The hardest part when deciding on which builder to chose for your project is that its just human nature to be drawn to the lowest price that you get offered. However there are some important parts aside of price to consider which we believe are equally, if not more important than the final quote values you receive.

They are good indicators to whether you are dealing with someone who firstly knows what they're talking about and therefore quoting, and secondly whether they have the professionalism and organization to produce a great project outcome.

When receiving quotes from your selected builders, the main thing is figuring out what each builder is including within their respective quotes, as otherwise you aren’t actually comparing apples with apples at all, and we’ve added some bullet points below on some things to make sure look for within each quote you receive;

- Have they provided a fixed price, or an estimate only?

- Ensure that the scope of works detailed within their quote matches exactly with what the project entails

- Check the materials that each builder has specified within their quote

- Read through the tags and clarifications of each of your builder’s quote (they should have these)

- How long did they take to initially respond to your request, and then how long did they take to provide the quote

The main reason for the points above is to point out that the quoting process actually provides a real opportunity to pick out who the professional and prepared operators are from the average, if you know what you’re looking for.

If you receive quotes that are very vague, for example that just lump all materials and labour together in one lump sum, compared to someone who provides line items prices/breakdowns for each individual component of the job, then that is a good sign you have someone who is prepared to put the time and effort into creating a detailed quote.

This will more than likely will translate into someone who will be organized and competent when carrying out your job. There is some instances where m2 rates etc. are applicable (fences, decks), but not when quoting more complicated work.

Also take note of the social media profiles/ reference photos for each builder, to make sure you are getting someone suitable for type of project you’re undertaking, for example a large scale extension, as getting a builder who specializes in bathrooms renovations to quote is not likely to end up in a successful project outcome for either party.

We hope you found the above post helpful, and if you have any further questions/queries don't hesitate to get in touch with us !

As always, if you are looking at getting a bathroom/kitchen or small renovation off the ground over the coming months but don’t know where to start, then get in touch with our team on 09-218-5255, or for a no obligation initial concept meeting.

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