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Updated: Feb 4, 2020

This week for our weekly showcase we are showing you a recent project we completed for one of our retirement village clients. We had been asked to provide a solution for the limited access in and out of the village, as the current layout of the village meant that there were only two external entry/exit points for the residents, on an incredibly large site.

The decision was made to run a new footpath along in front of the existing retaining wall (before pictures below) and follow the returns of the retaining all the way out to the exterior boundary. From there, to create a new entrance gate we needed to remove a section of the boundary brick wall (see before photos below) and ramp up the footpath to meet it seamlessly. We maintained the look of the existing village footpaths by sourcing the old pavers, and using a sample of the existing exposed aggregate to find the exact supplier and match.

Some points of note in this project, was as we were running this footpath down the sides of 3 houses, we needed to keep an element of privacy for these residents, and we came up with the idea of running timber posts, along with timber trellis down the house side, all painted white to match the existing village colours. As this project was completed near the end of winter, we decided to speed up the timeframes by getting all the trellis and posts pre-painted in the factory off-site, which prevented rain from delaying this project at all.

We finished off the new road-side entrance by installing a smart looking new prefabricated custom aluminium gate, to match in the 5 year old buildings existing gates.

Take a look at the before and after photos below to see the changes, the project was a great example of a simple way to create a fantastic new space that has been well-utilised by the residents ever since completion !

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